Who Is Weird Ape?

Weird Ape is one of a kind, you won’t find anyone else like us. We reinvent, we go against the grain, we shake up the old and boring and bring in the fresh and unusual.

We’re for the dreamers. The odd-balls. The round pegs in the square holes.

alive for young people

Weird Ape was born out of two problems.

ONE: The watches in the shops were too traditional and boring looking

TWO: The watches that looked the most interesting were way out of his budget.

weirdape watch hades blue

For every individualistic young man wanted a watch that stood out. A head turner. But he wanted to pay a reasonable price. In the end, he couldn’t find anything different, so like many others he settled for the traditional overpriced, generic looking watch.

After a month of wear, not a single friend had even noticed it. Frustrated with the purchase he took the watch apart to see if it was really worth the price.

weirdape watch hades

With the watch in pieces around him, this is when the epiphany happened. He decided he could design his own watch that would get noticed. High-quality materials and a look that went against the mainstream. Something different.

The Mechanical Watch Reinvented

We are collaborating with watch experts developing multiple prototypes and perfecting our designs with rigorous testing.

High-end materials such as sapphire crystal glass, suede leather, and 316L surgical steel were shaped by master craftsmen to eventually produce every Weird Ape watch.

The most important value of one mechanical watch is the movement,we are using the popular and high-end quality seagull movement.