On the 31st of October 2017, Weird Ape delivered the first watch by drone in West Yorkshire, UK.

Being a truly innovative business, Weird Ape decided to trial a drone delivery of two watches to a customer to see if it was possible. After placing the order the customer agreed to let us trial a drone delivery.
We managed to deliver the watches in just 45 minutes after ordering. We can notify the customer by text or email that they have a drone delivery approaching so they can lay out a landing marker in a safe place.
This drone is capable of delivering up to two watches at once. To carry out the test, we had to get permission from the Civil Aviation Authority to fly the drone and get insurance. The drone can travel at 20mph in a straight line which means it can reach remote locations much quicker and cheaper than conventional methods.
Using a unique delivery system that’s been designed in-house, the items are dropped automatically when the drone touches down.
“Watches are small, light, and high value making them ideal candidates for drone deliveries. One of the most challenging parts was building the payload delivery system. At first, we were integrating a receiver and servos to open the hatch. This all needed additional power and added weight.
Seeing us struggle with the design our accountant, an avid fisherman, suggested we create a much simpler design based on a bait dropper. This clever design didn’t require any of the complicated communications equipment, saving cost and weight.”